Screencast - (30 points)


Byrne discusses five tools for creating comics and Hendy discusses other comic creators in her presentation besides presenting the kinds of lessons you can teach using comics. Obviously comics have a built-in interest value for students and if we can utilize comics for lessons or for instruction we can tap into that reservoir of good will.

Take a look at what the librarians at Miller Library at McPherson College in McPherson, Kansas did with their instruction manual. Obviously there was a great deal of time put into this but can you imagine a student not picking this up and not wanting to read it?

The University of Texas used comic strips as part of their advocacy for the use of the library

For this week's screencast assignment, using your own favorite comic tool or one suggested by Byrne or Handy,
  • (teaching) briefly take us through the use of one of these online tools and tell us what you like about it and then
  • (demonstrating) create a comic of something you would like to teach students in a screencast. This can be a skill, give directions around the library, show the student how to do something -- whatever you would like but create a 1-2 minute demonstration of using comics to help teach a lesson.
  • Keep in mind that you don't want to go over five minutes for the entire screencast and so you will have to tightly script both your teaching part as well as the demonstrating part.