Week 5 - Skype (30 points) 7:00 and 8:30 pm




SKYPE DISCUSSION - Prior to class choose one of the collaboration tools listed above and be prepared to give us a brief run-down of your opinion. Since these are collaboration tools, collaborate with someone else (in this class, at home, at school, etc.) in order to get a feeling for how the application works. In addition to the readings/viewings for this week, we will discuss the wikis you accessed last week for your impressions of the content and the potential for your own educational environment. (20 points)

WIKI ADDITIONS: Select three applications that you would like to highlight that are excellent collaboration tools that your students and teachers need to know about. These additional applications need to be different from the ones listed above. Add a description of the tool and how they could be used to your new wiki page: Collaboration. (10 points)