Week 4 - Project (30 points)

READ AND SCAN the following links to get an idea of the variety of ways a wiki can be used.

Now that you have created a wiki and added a page you are ready to explore some of the ways that a wiki can be used. For this week you are to ADD three pages to your wiki.

Page 1: Student Projects. Wikis provide a wonderful way to engage students and give them a platform for gathering projects that use a variety of other resources. Take a look at this video: "Themed Wiki Spaces in the Classroom." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07hE7EQ7VHo.

On your Student Projects page you are to gather examples of how students have used wikis for their projects. Your page can be a combination of videos that you find (don't limit yourself to YouTube but also check Vimeo, SchoolTube, and TeacherTube. The point of this page is to demonstrate to your teachers and students how wikis might be incorporated into classwork.

Let's say a total of three (3) examples -- videos, links, etc.

Page 2: Research. On this page find examples of how librarians have used wikis as part of the research process. Gwyneth Jones' example from above, The Daring Librarian.... shows how one dynamic librarian uses the wiki. Find 3 examples of the way librarians have used wikis for the staff and students. Discuss specifically what you like about the way the librarian has used the wiki and how would you take something from the wiki and use it in your own situation (your school, a school, a class, etc.). If you can do a screen capture of the wiki and insert it in your wiki page that would be magnificent. If that will be a problem for you then link to the page at the beginning of your discussion.

Page 3: Sources. On this page put together at least 20 links that cover the following areas: Where to get
  • copyright-free images for projects
  • copyright-free music and sounds for projects
  • free cartoon makers and animators
  • tools for digital storytelling

For the links on page three be sure to give a brief description of the content of the site or any peculiarities that make it stand out.

Post the link to your wiki on Blackboard. (30 points)